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Meet Your Biggest Fans

I have never claimed to be anything but a nerdy dev (short for developer) but I can claim that myself and the others involved in W.I.A.P. make some really great software – if you haven’t tried yet! We are your biggest fans, because our W.I.A.P. customers are our everything! (Which is now over 22,500 users and is pretty cool and floors us actually).

Now that my selfless plug is out of the way – Hi, my name is Lorenzo. I am the CEO and Software developer Manager, of the W.I.A.P. Password Manager software. Ok, so I can’t claim to have completely built and continuously enhance W.I.A.P. to the powerhouse it is today without the help of the remaining team, so let me give credit to the more important brains is the crew.

 The W.I.A.P soapbox is tall enough for us to tell more and more people about our efforts.

Finally but not finale’ as he would say, please remember W.I.A.P has a great technical team.  the team members, as a group knows everything about everything in programming and we tag team the development, security, and star features of the W.I.A.P. password manager.

Hard to believe, but yes the 4 of us run an award winning and highly used password manager from our home office that introduces new customers each and every day once they figure out just how awesome and convenient W.I.A.P. is. We are a proud small business that can keep up with new features and user demand, and put our users up on a pedestal where they belong! Ok, I know, but we do value our customers tremendously, for real. We started in 2008 and haven’t looked back. Here we are years later and specializing in the best and easiest password software around. It is all we do, all we specialize in, and that makes W.I.A.P. all it can be.

Thank you again and again for the support and helping spread the word about W.I.A.P. – the lifesaver that everyone needs. For real people, by real people, with real helpful software!

Thank you from the W.I.A.P. Warriors!