Secure Password Storage

October 23rd, 2012 → 5:31 pm @

Storing your passwords in software is still very new to many and because of this, password storage programs are making gains, but using one can be dangerous to your privacy if done incorrectly. It is important to use a safe one like WIAP. You can download our free trial of WIAP right now to start [...]


WIAP Password Manager Reviews

December 3rd, 20112:04 am @

WIAP Password Manager Software Reviews News Release WIAP Software today announced the release of W.I.A.P Password Manager, which is a new software program that manages multiple passwords.  The software program allows people to save all of their passwords in one central location that can be accessed by using only one password.  W.I.A.P. is designed for [...]


Password Manager

November 29th, 20111:46 am @

What is a Password Manager In an age that is infused with technology and the Internet for communications and daily tasks, you will likely find yourself using more than one password to access different accounts you use personally and in the workplace.  As a PC user it is difficult to protect your data nowadays or [...]