We are here if you need us or not.

Here at W.I.A.P. we pride ourselves in having a small scale support page. This happens for many reasons, but the most popular is that no one has trouble with our software.

We started building the W.I.A.P. Password Manager software with the end result already in our mind. To design a product that simply worked and was easy to use – a rarity among software these days, well, everything actually.

When we focused on exceeding industry standards while making the user experience easy and understandable, it is no wonder we boast a 96% customer satisfaction rate while having a 3% support request filing.

We call it customized customer service.

For the 3% that still needs to chat with us or wish to just say hello, please use the form below to start the conversation. We believe in handling each request as a true personable experience and refuse to place you in a generic support que.

When you contact us, then a real person with real answers will contact you back quickly. That explains our take on it. You can even chat with us instantly when we are online.


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